Racquetball Rules


The official racquetball rules can be looked up USAR website. But I think the way their document is laid out is not very friendly to beginners. So instead I decided to create several pages that allow you to quickly get familiar with what you need, depending on where you are at on your racquetball journey:

  • Basic Racquetball Rules – start here if you are completely new to the game and just want to know enough so you and a friend can get out on court today and get some games going without getting bogged down in too many details.
  • Advanced Racquetball Rules – you have a few games under your belt and get the general idea, but you have a feeling there are things you are overlooking or have questions about what happens in some uncommon situation.
  • Court Racquetball Rules – you want to understand once and for all what every single line on the court is for.
  • Cutthroat and other 3-player Racquetball Rules – you have two other friends and want to know how the three of you can play some racquetball games while all of you are on the court.
  • Doubles Racquetball Rules – same as above, but with four people.

And once you are familiar with all of the above and you still have some questions, then it’s definitely time to dig into the official USAR rules.

racquetball court dimensions and lines diagram

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